An elegant watch is the perfect finishing touch.

Whether you require a timepiece to compliment your work wear, or a delicate designer watch as a gift, we can help you find the a luxury watch you’ll love.

We are passionate about ensuring our customers find the right fit when it comes to choosing a watch. As such, we stock a wide range of luxury designer watches including dress watches, field watches, aviator watches and racing watchers.

Luxury watches in Burton On Trent

You’ll find Hardwicks Jewellers standing proudly in the heart of Burton On Trent. Established in 1886, for over 100 years we have served both men and women in finding a luxury watch that suits their lifestyle.

If you would like to see our range of timepieces, come and visit us today. A friendly member of our team will be happy to assist.

Are you looking for a luxury watch in Burton?

We are proud to offer an array of stunning wrist wear from high end brands including:

  • Rotary
  • Limit
  • Lorus

A Brief History Of Time

The first ever watches made to be worn were designed in the 16th Century in both Nuremburg and Augsburg in Germany. These ornate timepieces were named ‘clock-watches’, and they were often ornamental in their design and worn as pendants.

Over time, as styles changed, men began to favour the traditional pocket watch design over the pendant style, which was favoured by women well into the 20th century. The reason why pocket watches became so popular was because they could be kept away from the harshest of the elements within a waistcoat or underneath a coat, keeping them functional for longer.

Over time, and as engineering of time pieces became more sophisticated, the wrist watch as we know it today emerged around the nineteenth century. And it has been a staple design ever since.